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LED digital signs are the most efficient way to advertise your expertise with your community and with people in need. Greentak LED signs for Medical centre and Pharmacy make it easier to advertise health awareness and life-saving services to your target audience. LED message centers have great visibility by using colorful letter, picture, motion, meaning they will be hard to miss.

Greentak LED signs are a great way for boosting the profitability of your business. Greentak outdoor displays use finest resolution in Canada market. They’re ideal for locations with significant pedestrian traffic, a nearby busy intersection or traffic congestion. 

Greentak project team provides you a detail design concept including size; color; capacity; structure layout based on your location and budget.

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  • Greentak Premier™ (P6 SMD)

Greentak p6 is designed for up-close viewing and the clearest high-definition pictures and videos. Greentak Premier™ 6mm displays are finest resolution in Canada market. They’re ideal for locations with significant pedestrian traffic, a nearby busy intersection or traffic congestion. The closer your sign is to your audience, the greater the visual impact and messaging flexibility. The tight pixel pitch on our 6mm signs will allow you to display more graphics and content on your sign, even if your sign is not very large. Theaters, entertainment venues, sports arenas and shopping malls are just a few examples of businesses using our high-resolution signs to take advantage of close viewing range. Our 6mm displays are also well-suited for locations with space constrictions, either from local zoning ordinances or because of an existing structure.

  • Greentak Elite™ (P10 SMD)

Greentak p10 is designed for clear mid-definition pictures and text messages for a good price. Greentak’s Elite displays are a powerful messaging tool for businesses of all types. These street-side applications, especially up in the air, can offer great impact at a great price. If your location has traffic traveling by at 60kph, or your location is distanced away from pedestrian and vehicular traffic, a Greentak Elite display can offer the perfect balance of sign size and resolution to give you the greatest attention-grabbing power. Many businesses have found that by choosing a Greentak Elite display sign they can afford to install a larger display allowing them to truly standout in their community.

  • Greentak Standard™ (P16 Full Color SMD)

Greentak p16 is designed for clear text messages for a longer viewing distance and faster traffic. Greentak Standard displays™ are best suited for locations further from the roadway and for much faster moving traffic. The affordability of these models is a great opportunity for businesses to choose a larger display and truly call attention to their location, especially if they aren’t very visible from the roadway.

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