Indoor LED Signs

A display that is brighter, sharper and lot larger than your HDTV. Let us know your application and we will direct you to the right exhibit!



Don’t struggle to see past the bezels, Use Greentak True seamless displays, unlike HDTV wall in the market, Greentak’s non-bezel LED video wall offers similar resolution and brighter images, without the bezels.

Compatibility with all platform or players. Use your own media player, use your own contents management system or even with your computer! True plug-and-play, No extra software fee attached.

Come in preconfigured sizes, Greentak LED video wall is delivered as a whole package, from the displays and controller to the cables and mounts. You only need to the size that best suits your best.

Scalable to any size or shape, with Greentak’s modular designs, you can make you LED video wall in any size or shape for all indoor applications, from FHD16:9 to a scrolling news feed display, the scalability helps you to fit your video wall in any interior space.

Thin cabinet design with Front Serviceability, Greentak LED video wall cabinet is front installed and serviced, the overall video wall footprint and servicing space needed is dramatically reduced.

Window Display, Would you like a LED display on your window? Hang it up, plug-and-play!

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