Maintaining traditional displays can be a hassle. Greentak’s transparent LED displays offer easy maintenance with front access servicing, ensuring a smooth and efficient upkeep process without needing to remove the display from its transparent housing.

Traditional signage can be energy-hungry. Our transparent LED displays use energy-efficient LEDs, minimizing your environmental impact and lowering operational costs without compromising on the display’s brightness or transparency.

Traditional displays may have limited viewing angles. Greentak’s transparent LED displays boast wide viewing angles, ensuring optimal visibility and impact regardless of the viewer’s position, all while maintaining the transparency of the display.

Traditional displays might struggle in harsh environments. Our displays are weatherproof and dustproof, built to withstand the elements and deliver long-lasting performance, ensuring both the display and its transparent features function flawlessly.

Pixelation can ruin the viewing experience at close range, especially with traditional signs behind a clear surface. Greentak offers high-resolution displays with optimal pixel pitch, ensuring sharp and flawless visuals from any distance and maintaining the clarity of the transparent display itself.

Traditional signage can be bulky and cumbersome to install. Our lightweight and modular design simplifies installation, allowing for seamless integration into various environments without compromising on transparency.

Static signs offer limited content options. Greentak’s transparent displays allow you to showcase dynamic content, including videos and animations, all while maintaining clear visibility through the display. This creates a more engaging and interactive experience for your audience.