Limited Information Display! Highlight specific fuel grades, display additional information, or incorporate your brand colours for a more professional and visually appealing presentation.

Price Changes Take Too Long? Update prices on all your signs simultaneously with a few clicks on the remote, ensuring you always offer competitive pricing.

Energy Consumption is a Concern! Greentak’s LED signs utilize energy-efficient technology, minimizing energy consumption without compromising brightness.

Limited Visibility Reduces Sales! These LED displays boast a long viewing distance, ensuring drivers see your competitive prices from afar, leading to increased sales opportunities.

Difficult Maintenance is Time-Consuming! Greentak’s LED signs are built to last, featuring weatherproof designs that resist harsh weather conditions, minimizing maintenance needs.

Static Signs Lack Flexibility! Promote special offers, advertise new products, or display important announcements, increasing customer engagement and potential sales.

Faded Displays Confuse Customers! Our displays are readable from a distance, even in direct sunlight, eliminating customer confusion and frustration.

Manual Updates are a Hassle! Update prices instantly from anywhere in the office, saving valuable time and employee resources.