Gas Station

Manually adjusting prices is a time-consuming and potentially dangerous task for your employees, taking them away from serving customers. Plus, faded signs are hard to read, leading to frustrated drivers who may head elsewhere for better visibility.

Count on Greentak’s LED signs  — These innovative displays are bright, clear, and readable day or night, ensuring your customers always have access to the latest pricing information. Plus, the dynamic nature of LED signs allows you to showcase more than just prices. Promote special offers, advertise convenience store deals, or even display eye-catching animations to grab attention.

Greentak’s LED signs are more than just a display upgrade – they’re a strategic investment in your gas station’s success. They free up your employees’ time, streamline operations, and create a modern, professional image that attracts customers.

Indoor and Outdoor Signs

Greentak offers both indoor and outdoor LED signs. Greet customers with vibrant indoor displays showcasing prices, promotions, and services. Dominate the roadside with outdoor signs, grabbing attention with clear prices and eye-catching visuals

Indoor Signs

Showcasing real-time gas prices, upcoming promotions, and the services offered in your convenience store.

Outdoor Signs

Dominate the roadside with Greentak’s outdoor LED signs. Promote targeted deals to passing drivers.

Key Features

Are you looking to invest in a marketing device/tool that brings instant result with a flexibility to deliver targeted messages/ pictures/ videos in a timely manner? Let our knowledgeable sales professionals help you choose that right product. It will be the best investment that you have ever made!

Weather Protection

Water proof, weather proof, wear proof and dust tight enclosures prevent damages from rain, snow, dust, wind, ultraviolet rays and extreme temperature swings.

Maximum Efficiency

Special Design of Louvers and ribbing in the module face to maximize LED efficiency and maintain high-brightness, high-contrast surface. To prevent glare and washed-out color. It also protects accidental and intentional damages.

Power Efficient

Very efficient power supply units marked with UL, cost low electricity while maintain the high brightness.

Versatile & Offer Different Pitch Sizes

With different pitch sizes, our products are versatile on different applications, from text displaying roadside ground-sign to fixed-installation video walls for up-close viewing; we offer different resolutions for your needs.

Light weight & Corrosion Resistent Cabinets

Light weighted, Multimode splicing, aluminum cabinets to prevent rust and corrosion, our cabinets are also 30% lighter than traditional sign cabinets.

Easy Installation

Easy to install and maintain, front service with quick release modules.

Certified & Made in Canada

Made in Canada, complies with cUL, ETL, ICES-003, Issue 6, Class A & FCC Part 15, SubpartB, Class A.

Why Choose Greentak Digital LED Signs?

Static signs are a drag. Greentak’s LED signs are bright, easy to update, and readable 24/7. Showcase real-time prices, promote deals, and create a modern image that attracts customers.

High Marketing ROI

Attract more customers with dynamic displays that showcase real-time prices and promotions, boosting your sales and bottom line.

Quality & Reliability

Built to last, Greentak signs are weatherproof and backed by a long 10-year warranty, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re confident you’ll love our signs. If not, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure a risk-free purchase.

High Brightness, Attractive LEDs

Capture attention day or night with clear, easy-to-read LED displays that make your gas prices stand out.

Quick Installation

 Get your signs up and running fast with our simple installation process. No need for extensive modifications or downtime.

10-Year Warranty

 Enjoy peace of mind with our industry-leading 10-year warranty, minimizing your long-term investment risk.


Tailor your signs to your specific needs. Choose from various sizes, colors, and configurations to perfectly match your gas station’s branding.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.


Get Started

Tell us about your Digital Display needs, and our experienced team will make each product accordingly. Your satisfaction remains our primary goal!