EMC Product Introduction – Greentak LED Signs

In the end of 2016, Greentak LED Products successfully got certified by EMC Certification Standards in Canada, All of our products certified by CLASS A Industrial-grade Standard. Greentak LED display has been strengthened to solve the Electromagnetic Interference problem through special modification and redesigns on PCB board, grounding wires, filter and magnet ring embedded, ensuring the secure, scientific and environment-friendly applications.

As the modern electrical and electronic technology has been developing rapidly in 21st century, household appliances gain strong popularity and become electronic widely, meanwhile radio& television, postal telecommunication and computer network increases so fast, which makes electromagnetic environment complex and deteriorated, bringing up high attention of governments and enterprises to the problems of EMI ( electromagnetic interference) and EMS (electromagnetic susceptibility) in electrical and electronic products.

EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) is the ability of a device or system, which is subject to the strict requirement in its electromagnetic environment and doesn’t bring any intolerable electromagnetic interference to other devices or systems in their environment.

Therefore, EMC includes two requirements: on the one hand, the electromagnetic interference generated by the equipment during a normal operation in its environment shall not exceed certain limit; on the other hand, the equipment has certain grade of immunity (EMS) to the presence of electromagnetic interference in its operation environment.

The definition given by International Electro technical Commission (IEC) of EMC is: the harmonious coexistence of signal and interference on the condition that there is no harm to information contained in the signal.

The purpose of studying EMC is to ensure that electrical components or devices can work functionally without any disturbance in an electromagnetic environment, and provide detailed information about hazard mechanism & prevention measures on social production activities and human health, related to electromagnetic waves.

Greentak LED Display is certified by UltraTech, a professional EMC Test Lab in Canada.

Pic.1: A Greentak engineer is testing a product.


EMC testing includes EMI and EMS

Test Items of EMI (electromagnetic interference):

  • Radiation: Chamber/Clamp/Open site
  • Conduction
  • Harmonic
  • Flicker
  • Test Items of EMS (electromagnetic susceptibility):
  • ESD: Electrostatic Discharge
  • EFT: Electrical Fast Transient
  • SURGE: Surge
  • RS: Radiation Susceptibility
  • CS: Conduction Susceptibility
  • Magnetic Field: Magnetic Field
  • DIP: Voltage DIP
  • AC Low Frequency Conduction Susceptibility
  • DC to 150KHz Continual Conduction Susceptibility