Optimal viewing distance is the point at which the individual pixels begin to blend together to form a smooth, consistent image. Greentak 6mm and 10mm pitch models are best for close viewing distances. 16mm models which have wider pixel distance, are better for locations where the sign will be installed at a great height or are farther away from fast moving traffic.

A quick way to estimate the viewing distance is to change the pixel pitch, in millimeters, to meters. For example, optimal viewing distance for 16mm pitch sign will be 16m, for 10mm it will be 10m etc.

It is also important to choose the right letter size for your message. According how far the viewer will be, the letter size should be adjusted. It is easier to read bigger letters from a far distance.

Greentak signs come with different heights and widths to fit most of commercial and residential windows. According to your need, you can use wider signs or multiple-line signs to display more instant texts.