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At Greentak we are passionate about producing the best LED digital signs for our customers to make them stand out in the crowd while providing excellent service and support. We strive to provide the highest quality of products for our customers to obtain the best return of investment for their displays.

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Our team of knowledgeable associates are dedicated to provide you with the best service and support in the business. It is our mission to make sure your Greentak sign purchase is the best investment that you have ever made.



At GREENTAK, our main goal is to make
high quality products at a price that is


Quality and Reliability

At GREENTAK, we know that high quality and
excellent customer service are
values that turn shoppers into loyal…


Customer Service

At GREENTAK, we understand that the
true mark of customer service excellence
is how a company…


Turnkey Solution

From permitting to installation: At
GREENTAK, we provide full solution to our
customers from city permitting…

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